Book Review: The Lying Game


I really enjoyed Ruth Ware’s previous two novels. So much that I per-ordered The Lying Game, and despite my list of books to read, I started reading this the moment it was delivered to my Kindle.
What a disappointment, though.
This book isn’t horrible or anything. In fact, I really like Ware’s writing style. To me, it is unique and easy-to-read. However, the story just dragged on and on and on…
There were so many interesting ideas in the story that were brought up, but then they were just sort of abandoned. The entire book is centered around playing a game that involves lying, but this backstory is barely explored. So while the reader is supposed to engage in the story of The Lying Game, there isn’t enough story to engage in. The four main characters have supposedly cemented a strong friendship during their time at Salten House, but they were only together a mere 12 months, and we virtually get no background from their time together. Exploring the past more would have added a lot to the story, and certainly invested the reader in what was to come later.
I don’t want to spoil anything, but this was predictable. Ware’s previous novels have twists and turns and I was guessing til the end. In this one, not so much.
So, sad day :(.

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