Survivor Rankings- Season 31 Second Chances, Episode 13

So let me get this straight- WE only have two solid hours of episode remaining in Survivor Cambodia and we have six people still on the island? Are WE going to have 3 Tribal Councils plus a Final Tribal all within 2 hours of Survivor?? Or are WE going to have the rumored 4-person Final Tribal? What is going to happen!?

And which WE will prevail??

Either way, I’m excited about it and next Wednesday cannot come soon enough!

The things I am most excited about:

-We finally said goodbye to Abi-Maria. Abi is a wild card and more than slightly irritating most of the time. While I do not particularly understand why she was targeted this week with much bigger threats in the game, I’m sort of happy to see her go.

-Jeremy is in the numbers! Why is no one targeting this guy? He must be playing the picture-perfect social game. I don’t think Spencer made the right move in voting for Abi because he surely can’t beat Jeremy in the end- but Spencer’s blunder is a great thing for Jeremy Collins!

– Kelley and Jeremy still have idols. So not only are we going to have a jam-packed finale, we also have a chance of seeing two idol plays. Is it Wednesday, yet?

-Keith Nale is the lone vote for Tasha in the last Tribal Council, but can’t remember her name after the Reward Challenge in this episode. Oh my gosh, can we please get more Keith Nale on our screens??

-The All Girls Alliance was clearly a red herring. It would have been smart for the girls to stick to this plan because Jeremy and Spencer are huge end game threats, but clearly Tasha and Kimmi are very loyal to their boys and they did not go in that direction.

-Going back to Keith; he clearly thinks it is more plausible for people to believe that he was on Mars before he was in any Cambodian Temple. Again, Keith needs to be on our screens making confessionals at least once every 2 minutes.

-What was Tasha thinking? Tasha told Abi that she wanted to talk to Jeremy privately. Um- you don’t mess with Abi. Maybe Abi is out of the game, but does this move by Tasha hurt her chances in the jury? I certainly do not see her getting Abi’s vote. All we can hope for is that Abi goes crazy at Tribal and gives each of the final 3 (4??) a Sue Hawk speech.

-Spencer can solve a 5-piece puzzle in under 15 seconds. Spencer wins another immunity. It is all too easy for Spencer with Joe gone. And Jeff Probst might be in love with Spencer.

So let’s get right to the post-Episode 13 Player Rankings!


Survivor Ranking 31

Pre-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas (Ta Keo)
  2. Shirin Oskooi (Ta Keo)
  3. Peih-Gee Law (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  4. Jeff Varner (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  5. Monica Padilla (Bayon, Bayon)
  6. Terry Dietz (family emergency) (Ta Keo, Ta Keo)
  7. Woo Hwang (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo)

Post-Merge Boot Order, THE JURY:

  1. Kass McQuillen (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  2. Andrew Savage (Bayon, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  3. Kelly Wiglesworth (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  4. Ciera Eastin (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  5. Stephen Fishbach (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun)
  6. Joe Anglim (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun)
  7. Abi-Maria Gomes (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 7/7

Here are my power-ranking in order from least-likely to win to most-likely to win. These rankings are not intended to predict boot order.

I want to note here that I have read no spoilers and have no idea what the true outcome of the game will be.

6. Kimmi Kappenberg (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 5/7

Kimmi might make it to the end, but her chances of winning are slimmer each week. Kimmi will most likely be viewed as a GOAT and her lack of ‘big moves’ in the game will certainly not warrant many, if any, jury votes. Yes, she did orchestrate the blindside of Monica.. but that was so long ago that I barely remember it happening- and she has done basically  nothing post-merge.

5. Keith Nale (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 6/7

Keith is awesome and I want him to have screen time every minute of the episode. As far as Keith winning the game? Highly unlikely. The dude is totally a GOAT according to the other Survivors and his inability to correctly vote for the actually person going home will hurt his credibility.

4. Tasha Fox (Bayon, Angkor, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 4/7

Tasha had the opportunity to ditch the major threats in the game this week and go with an all-girls alliance. This surely would have been her best bet to win this game, aside from Kelley Wentworth. Aside from Tasha’s loyalty, what has she done in this game to win the million? Nothing that we have seen.

3. Spencer Blesdoe (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 3/7

There is clearly a very real chance of Spencer winning this game. He has some immunity wins under his belt, he has made huge moves (Fishbach and Joe blindsides), and he escaped being on the bottom at the very beginning of the season. But will the jury be bitter? Can he beat Jeremy and Kelley? It still depends on what he does next week, but as of now I am keeping him firmly in 3rd.

2. Kelley Wentworth (Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 2/7

Not much action from Kelley this week, but we do know that the vote put her on the wrong side of numbers. I thought for sure that Spencer would vote with Kelley this week and was surprised to see him swing back to the Jeremy/Tasha block. Kelley still has an idol, though, and she has proven her savvy game play to be on point.

1. Predicted Winner: Jeremy Collins (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 1/7

The dude is playing the perfect social game. Know one is really even floating his name as an option to be voted off! He has another idol, and if he gets to the end I can’t see any other contestant still in the game beating him. He surely has a lot of friends in the jury and has had very little blood on his hands throughout the game. Go, Jeremy!


There you have it, folks! My rankings for the week.

To read my rankings from last week, click here.

Later this week I will delve into the multitude of scenarios that could occur on the finale, as well as attempt to break-down jury votes in my blog. Stay tunes!

Until next time,


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