Survivor Rankings- Season 31 Second Chances, Episode 8

Wow! What. An. Episode.


Hidden Immunity Idols, blindsides, double ball challenges, several middle fingers, eye rolls for days and Keith Nale driving a Tuk Tuk on the beaches of Cambodia.

It doesn’t really get any better than that.

My hands still hurt from my vigorous applause of Kelley Wentworth and her outstanding use of the Hidden Immunity Idol. I’ve always been a Kelley Wentworth fan, even when she left Blood Vs. Water pre-jury. Episode 8 just proved that Kelley is here to play and she is a strategic force to be reckoned with!

So, let’s get right to the post-Episode 8 player rankings!

Survivor Ranking 31

Pre-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas (Ta Keo)
  2. Shirin Oskooi (Ta Keo)
  3. Peih-Gee Law (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  4. Jeff Varner (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  5. Monica Padilla (Bayon, Bayon)
  6. Terry Dietz (family emergency) (Ta Keo, Ta Keo)
  7. Woo Hwang (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo)

Post-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Kass McQuillen (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)
  2. Andrew Savage (Bayon, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun)

Here are my power-ranking in order from least-likely to win to most-likely to win. These rankings are not intended to predict boot order.

I want to note here that I have read no spoilers and have no idea what the true outcome of the game will be.

11. Joe Anglim (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 9/12

Survivor MacGuyver won another Immunity Challenge- shocker! But really, the moment he loses one of those, he’s gone. With each challenge that he wins, the target on his back grows larger and larger. I put him last because the one guy who truly had his back, Savage, was voted out. Who is going to protect Joe now? Unless Joe can win the next 8 Immunity Challenges, I just don’t think Joe has any shot of winning this game.

10. Kelly Wiglesworth (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 11/12

I suppose Kelly has finally redeemed herself from her disappointing rowing defeat to Gervase in Borneo- but this doesn’t do anything for her current game! I have yet to see Kelly establish any tight alliances or talk strategy. Even if she made it to the end, I can’t see her making a solid argument as to what she did in the game to earn the million.

9. Abi-Maria Gomes (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 12/12

I moved Abi up a bit this week due to the fact that she is all of a sudden laying low. I think it has been 3 weeks in a row that Abi has essentially been silent- except for taunting Andrew Savage as he left Tribal 🙂 I still don’t think Abi has a great shot, but I do not think she is last on the list, either. Do I dare say that I may kind of like Abi now?

8. Tasha Fox (Bayon, Angkor, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 7/12

Tasha is in a good alliance and a good spot, but I doubt she will have any friends on the jury, especially with Queen Kass ruling the roost in that arena. Tasha’s ability to win this game is foggy in my head right now, but I would not bet on her.

7. Ciera Eastin (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun) Previous Week Rank 10/12

I am impressed with Ciera. She is still on the wrong side of the numbers, but she is proving that she is crafty and has connections beyond her current alliance of Kelley Wentworth and Abi. We saw Ciera talking to Stephen at the beginning of the episode and then talking to Joe mid-episode about a possible Stephen blindside. Obviously, she is still keeping lines of communication open, and this could bring her far.

6. Kelley Wentworth (Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 3/12

It is no secret that I am on (hashtag) Team Wentworth. But I moved her down in the rankings because she no longer has that Immunity Idol. Even though she played brilliantly this week, unless she finds another idol she is still on the wrong side of the numbers. So, let’s all pray to the Survivor Gods that Kelley somehow finds another idol! Or convinces Joe to start voting with her! Or just stays in the game as long as possible!

5. Keith Nale (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 6/12

Keith got some quality screen time this week. Keith handles balls like a boss. Keith drives the Tuk Tuk like a boss. Keith is a boss. And no one could possibly dislike Keith. So just like I said last week, I can’t see anyone bringing him to the end.

4. Kimmi Kappenberg (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Prevoius Week Rank = 5/12

We haven’t seen Kimmi do much since the Monica blindside. However, we know that Kimmi has built good alliances and she is on the right side of the numbers. I think Kimmi has a lot of game left in her!

3. Stephen Fishbach (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 2/12

I was on the edge of my seat this week in fear that we were going to lose Stephen! I am so happy he stuck around and avoided being idol’ed out of the game! With Savage out of the game- the one person truly targeting Stephen- Stephen’s odds of going to the end are good. However, Joe is still in the game and Joe knows that Stephen is targeting him. If Joe manages to win immunity and sways Ciera, Kelley and Abi to vote Stephen, we could see Stephen leave the game :(. Luckily, Jeremy seems to want Stephen around as was evident by his ability to shift the target away from Stephen this episode.

2. Jeremy Collins (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun) Previous Week Rank = 4/12

No one knows that Jeremy has the idol and Jeremy seems to have a very deep and trusting alliance. We saw Jeremy convince the others to not vote for Stephen and instead target Wentworth. Even with Savage leaving as one of Jeremy’s ‘shields’, Jeremy still has strong ties with the other players and is playing a great social game. Jeremy could very easily win this whole thing!

Predicted Winner: Spencer Blesdoe (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun)

This is the first week that our TVs were not flooded with Spencer. I kind of miss him! Spencer may have not made the big move this week, but he is one of the most strategic players in this game and it seems like he is finally safe and with the numbers. This is great for Spencer and I have no doubt that if he makes it to the end, he will win!

There you have it- my rankings for this week! See you next week for more Survivor Cambodia Second Chances!

To read last weeks rankings, click here!

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