Survivor Rankings- Season 31, Second Chances, Episode 7

I am a huge fan of the show Survivor. When the first season, Borneo, aired I was in 8th grade; and I was hooked. I still remember getting chills from Sue Hawk’s ‘Rats and Snakes’ speech at the first Final Tribal Council. Wow- a simple ‘game’ can evoke that much emotion? This show was going to be great TV.

The show has certainly come a long way from the days of Borneo- the strategy of playing the came has greatly evolved and it is much less a game of survival and more a game of wits – or at least that is what the CBS edit makes it out to be. However, the show still manages to attract millions of viewers because of its ability to appeal to several different audiences (and let’s face it, probably Jeff Probst’s perfect dimpled smile). People who watch the show are constantly thinking, “How would I do at this challenge?” or “What would I do in this situation?”. It does not matter how old or young you are, reality TV and specifically Survivor have been successful for their ability to take ‘normal’ people and put them in relatable situations with the viewers.

Currently 15 years into the show- Season 31 has so far proven to be one of Survivor’s better seasons. Season 31 is all about Second Chances and brings back all returning players looking for redemption from their first season which they did not win. 20 people who love the game and are looking for payback- ya, it is going to be good!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.10.52 PM


Pre-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas (Ta Keo)
  2. Shirin Oskooi (Ta Keo)
  3. Peih-Gee Law (Ta Keo, Angkor)
  4. Jeff Varner (Ta Keo, Angkor) – hard to type, still miss him 😦
  5. Monica Padilla (Bayon, Bayon)
  6. Terry Dietz (family emergency) (Ta Keo, Ta Keo) – love Terry Dietz and hope Survivor brings him back one more time!
  7. Woo Hwang (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo)

Post-Merge Boot Order:

  1. Kass McQuillen (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)- Dang, we were just seeing Chaos Kass emerge!

I was shocked to see a merge come this early- 13 people! The earliest merge in Survivor history. But really- it was genius. With all the tribe swaps and an early merge, this really forces the players to play with multiple people and makes really solid alliances difficult to come by.

So who is left? Here are my power-ranking in order from least-likely to win to most-likely to win.

I want to note here that I have read no spoilers and have no idea what the true outcome of the game will be.

12. Abi-Maria Gomes (Ta Keo, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun)

I do not necessarily think she will be voted out next- but I do think she is least likely to win this game. She is a wild-card and not trusty-worthy and she was on the wrong end of the Kass vote this past week. I mean, she even voted against Tasha who was her former tight Angkor alliance just a few days ago. I like Abi because she is so entertaining to watch, but I would NEVER want to play with her. The only thing that could save her is the other tribemates bringing her to the end because they would surely win against her.

11. Kelly Wiglesworth (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun)

I hate putting Kelly in this spot because it would be so cool to see her go far. She hasn’t really done anything, though… I have barely heard her talk. I can’t really even tell if she is in an alliance or if she is doing any plotting/scheming. Way back in Borneo she always seemed to regret making an alliance with Rich, Sue & Rudy, so this may be her way of her own personal alliance redemption. I just don’t think this strategy is going to take her far.

10. Ciera Eastin (Bayon, Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Orkun)

I pretty much like Ciera and like her desire to fight in the game- but based on this week, she is on the wrong end of the numbers. I could see Ciera craftily making a come back, but with Savage against her right now, it does not seem likely.

9. Joe Anglim (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun)

Everyone loves Survivor MacGuyver, including me! But I think Joe is too big of a threat. If he gets to the end, who isn’t going to vote for him? Sadly, the moment he loses immunity, he is probably going to go home.

8. Andrew Savage (Bayon, Angkor, Ta Keo, Orkun)

I think Savage is playing too emotionally right now. After last week’s episode he definitely has the numbers on his side, but I think this will only last so long before his own alliance turns on him. I think he is doing too much scheming and plotting and he is a threat.

7. Tasha Fox (Bayon, Angkor, Bayon, Orkun)

Tasha got her nemesis, Kass, out last week. Generally, she is playing a good game, but I think she, like Savage, is playing too emotionally and her alliance will turn on her.

6. Keith Nale (Bayon, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun)

I love Keith Nale. I can’t wait to see more of Keith Nale. I think everyone loves Keith Nale. This is why I don’t think he will go to the end of the game.

5. Kimmi Kappenberg (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun)

Kimmi has a really strong alliance despite the bromance that is going on with the boys of Bayon this season. And Kimmi is playing a strong game. She orchestrated Monica Padilla’s blindside and has aligned herself with powerful players in this game (Jeremy and Stephen).. she should go far.

4. Jeremy Collins (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun)

Jeremy has a chance to go far with the hidden immunity idol in his pocket. However, Jeremy is a huge threat! I think he can make it far, but I think anyone would be foolish to bring him to the end of this game.

3. Kelley Wentworth (Ta Keo, Ta Keo, Bayon, Orkun)

I loved Kelley the first time she played and I am happy she is making it much further this time around. She has the idol; no one knows she has the idol; and from the times she has talked about the idol, she seems to have a handle on the best time to play the idol. I can totally see her going far.

2. Stephen Fishbach (Bayon, Bayon, Bayon, Orkun)

Stephen was a runner-up in Tocantins and his a very strategic player. Right now he is in the most powerful alliance and has good connections with several of the dominant players. And really, Stephen is just a student of the game. He writes about Survivor for a living! He isn’t a challenge threat and he does not seem to have anyone gunning for him. I would love to see Stephen win this game.

Predicted Winner: Spencer Blesdoe (Ta Keo, Bayon, Ta Keo, Orkun)

Spencer is dominating this game right now. Not only is he getting the best edit (the kid is on my screen constantly), he is playing a much better game than the one he played in Cagayan. Spencer has wiggled his way out of rough situations (the Shirin vote and the Woo vote) and been able to foster relationships with some of the powerful people in this game. He even was saved by his former rival, Chaos Kass! As of this week, Spencer is my pick to win this season!

There you have it- my rankings for this week! See you next week for more Survivor Rankings!

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