Halloween + Star Wars + Survivor

I would have to say that Halloween was pretty epic this year. The kids dressed up as Star Wars characters:

Dominic- Storm Trouper

Giovanni- Darth Vader

Vincent- Chewbacca

Spooktacular (and Star Wars)
Spooktacular (and Star Wars)

With the new Episode VII coming to theaters on December 17th- Star Wars was basically seen everywhere. Normally I strive for original costumes that you are not going to see pop up mainstream. However, the kids being Star Wars characters was a victory for my husband and I. Prior to July when I ordered my kids’ costumes, neither child was interested in the movie. Fast forward three months and we are eating Star Wars mac & cheese and Star Wars cereal and we will only wear clothes that have a giant Darth Vader or Storm Trouper on the front and we are making sure our breath is fresh with Yoda mints. It is pretty wonderful. This is considered a personal victory in my household. I will never get tired of Star Wars, and now that Disney has taken over the franchise, we will never living a world where we don’t see at least one Star Wars related item/mention each day. Fine by me.

This is also the first year that JR and I tried to get on Jimmy Kimmel’s “I told my kids I ate their halloween candy” segment. We have been waiting for the day that our kids were old enough to be tricked by Jimmy’s genius plot. I have always secretly hoped that when we did this, the twins would respond sweetly and not throw a fit- I’ve tried my best to raise them as sugar-free and polite as possible. However, this certainly was not the case. There were tears; there were attempts to slap JR and I; and there were reprimands that we were only allowed to have ‘one piece’ (which from a 3 year old is hilarious). We didn’t make the show this year; but we are pretty committed to pulling this prank on the kids every year.

JR & I did not participate in the Star Wars theme. First of all- adult costumes were pricey. Second of all- my main love right now is the show Survivor. I convinced JR to be Jeff Probst and I of course was a sole Survivor. The costumers were put together an hour before trick-or-treating and I got a twitter reply from Jeff Probst himself (after tweeting him a picture of our costumes)- so I consider our Survivor costumes a success as well.

I can only hope that next year’s Halloween will be this epic.

Jeff Probst & Sole Survivor
Jeff Probst & Sole Survivor

Until next time,


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